Program to Build Consensus with Your Company’s Stakeholders

7-Steps to Effectively Create Stakeholder Consensus Program

The Wisdom Company’s 7 decision-making steps show clients how to apply a new logic system, a balanced way of thinking and a Both-And perspective that broadens and deepens your ability to effectively communicate with a stakeholder with opposing opinions. It also enhances your ability to make robust, high-stakes business decisions.

Apply the Thought Process of Wisdom

The program’s consensus methodology presents a balanced way of thinking that allows stakeholders to disagree without disrespecting the other person. Balanced thinking incorporates the fact that one side of an argument is not the whole story, since an alternative position is needed to make robust decisions. This reflects the statement by the famous psychologist Carl Jung when he said that: “Wisdom accepts that all things have two sides.”

The expansive nature of balanced thinking opens a whole range of new ideas and possibilities that both you and your company’s stakeholders can explore. It also helps you be centered through the consensus building process.

Wisdom-Based Methodology

The wisdom-based program’s show you and your stakeholders how to:

  • Create a continuum of business options
  • Apply the Power of Balance throughout the consensus building process
  • Apply scenario envisioning
  • Apply a skill that is the key for making successful decisions
  • Create a tactical implementation plan
  • Experience peace of mind knowing that you have made the best possible decision and did your best to build consensus
Know Your Stakeholders’ Styles for Making Decisions

In the program you will receive a Decision-Making Style Report that informs you of your style for making decisions as well as the other stakeholder’s style and their general psychological and behavioral tendencies. This knowledge facilitates consensus building and coming up with good decisions and agreed plans of action.

Effective Cognitive Approaches

The Wisdom Company’s program incorporates cognitive strategies that help you make wise, robustly thought-out decisions, avoid the tendency to make choices based on the first idea that comes to mind, and seek simple answers to complex issues.

In the program you will learn wisdom-based cognitive strategies which helps to avoid 7 approaches that sabotage building consensus.

Know the Best Way to Communicate

You will also receive the How to Understand and Communicate Better Practice Guidebook for you to recognize the overall characteristics of each stakeholder’s decision-making style and learn the most effective way to communicate with each one. The guidebook also presents specific techniques that you can use to persuade each profile and even informs you of the best words to use that most resonate with each style.

Transform Decision-Making Fears

In the program you will learn how to apply a 5-step methodology for transforming any unconscious anxieties or fears that might be triggered when making important decisions.

Incorporate Creativity into the Consensus-Building Process

In addition, the 7-step methodology incorporates the very framework of creativity into your decision-making and consensus-building processes.

Checklist for Building Stakeholder Consensus

At the end of the program, you will receive a cognitive checklist that you can use when you need to make wise, robust decisions with stakeholders who have different points of view.