Increase Productivity By Decreasing Political Polarization

The Workplace Problem

  • $223 billion is the cost to U.S. companies due to 1 in 5 Americans leaving their jobs in the past 5 years because of toxic workplace caused by political conflict in the workplace
  • 53% of workers limit social interactions with coworkers because of differing political belief’s
  • 40% of surveyed workers reported experiencing negative effects of workplace political disagreements
  • LinkedIn survey found that “dealing with coworkers “was the third largest challenge employees face

A Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) poll found that:

  • 42 percent of employees have had a “political disagreement” at work
  • 12 percent have experienced political affiliation bias

The American Psychological Association found that there is a connection between political discussions at work and employee hostility and anxiety. According to the study:

  • 28% of younger workers feel stressed as an outcome of political discussions
  • 23% of all employees, regardless of age, feel isolated as an outcome of political discussion
  • 25% believe they have been the recipients of hostile behavior due to political discussions
  • 27% described at least one negative outcome as a consequence of political discussions

Program to Create Workplace Consensus Through Mutual Respect


Create a Company Culture of Civility

The Wisdom Company’s Creating Workplace Consensus Through Mutual Respect Online Program is based on The Balanced Paradigm’s 7 Principles of Society Wisdom.


12 Step Methodology for Creating Workplace Consensus

The mutual respect training course is designed around 12 unity–building steps that shows how leaders and employees can:

  • Disagree without disrespecting the other person
  • View opposite political positions as integral parts of a whole solution
  • Create harmonious consensus with coworkers that disagree with each other