Create a Purposeful New Life after Leaving Your Company

The Best Is Yet to Come for You!

Non-Financial Planning Program

The “LIVE” Program helps you explore new opportunities, adventures and challenges and create a dynamic lifestyle. The program is based on personal insights, experiences and years of helping baby boomer business owners plan the transition into the next chapter of their lives. 


The Personal Transition Planning program shows you how to explore new personal opportunities, discover the next big adventure in your life after you have left your company, live a dynamic lifestyle, and discover new challenges for you to meet. 


Applies The Power of Intention That Helps You Manage Life’s Changes, Not Be Managed by Them

The program helps you:


  • Find ideas so you won’t feel marginalized, bored and irrelevant
  • Create a vision for your life that pulls you toward it
  • Create a specific plan for a happy future life
  • Avoid a reactive retirement by embracing the unknowns
  • Know what you want and what you need to do for your future by creating a purposeful life after leaving your company