About Us

The Wisdom Company ® is an international leader in wisdom-based educational and training programs and the source of experiential wisdom based on decades of experience in working with business owners.

30 Year History of Program Research & Development

The Wisdom Company’s Vision is:

  • To Create an Authentic Wisdom-based Process for effective decision-making resulting in sound, balanced judgment and reduced polarization as applied to personal, organizational and socio-economic challenges.
  • To facilitate the emergence of an Age of Balance through the application of the 7 Principles of Wisdom to help people, businesses and society be able to transition into the higher level of the Balanced Paradigm.

The Mission of the Wisdom Company is:

  • To support companies to Apply Wisdom Principles, creating a balanced way of doing business in a post-pandemic world through decisions based on “Both-And” Wisdom solutions.
  • To develop, promote and deliver viable Wisdom-driven Practical Programs for better balanced decision-making. The focus of these applications will be to create a better-balanced life for businesses, organizations and individuals — empowering them to improve their wisdom-based decision-making capabilities for better outcomes.
  • To act as a Coordinating Service of research and credible opinions for wisdom processing and wisdom-based solutions.

The Purpose of the Wisdom Company is:

  • Have companies Apply Wisdom Principles in creating a balanced model for doing business and living in the post-pandemic world.

People, Planet, Prosperity: Inclusively & Decisively©

The Wisdom Company’s Founder and Trainer

The Company’s training is based upon the life’s work of Jack Beauregard, a serial entrepreneur, author of three books and the CEO and founder of The Wisdom Company®, a world leading source of wisdom-based programs that apply the cognitive characteristics of wisdom which enables owners and executives to further develop and implement the art and skill of being wise.

Jack has helped thousands with the practical application of experiential and empirical dimensions of wisdom which provide new models for success in the post-pandemic world.

The Wisdom Company’s Founder and Trainer

Jack Beauregard presents 7 fundamental principles of the universe from which creates a scientifically based wisdom framework for a balanced based model for thinking, living and doing business.

The business wisdom video and Q&A section created by the Conscious Enterprises Network follows their webinar format “How did you get here, “Where are you now” and “Where are you going in the future?”